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Tomorrow is 5 weeks since my surgery in New Orleans at the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery. I have not been more pleased with any of my surgeries during this reconstruction process (except maybe when my expanders were replaced with my first set of implants, they were so soft! but since one decided to fall down and cause all of these additional surgeries I have decided to forfeit the joy of that day). I won’t say that it has been pain free, of course it hasn’t. Five weeks later I still have twinges and I still have trouble getting up and getting down and doing lots of fun things. But I’m not in pain, I don’t have synmastia, and I’m getting better. So here is my video that goes into great detail about life over the last 5 weeks, deciding to have surgery again, and how things feel – and look – after surgery. It’s long, but if you’re here for the right reasons you’ll watch it. :) And if you like my shirt, make sure to check out New Day New Smile – I personally love my shirt!


  1. Thank you for sharing. My wife just got her BRCA diagnosis in April. She had cervical cancer found on a routine pap so she had her full hystorectomy about 8 weeks ago. While they were in there they found a tumor on her appendix and pathology showed there were cells in the mesintary margins so we are electively having a bowel resectuion done on june 10th. We just met with plastics on the 26th and are just overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to do. Plastics said she has the option of expanders/implants or can do a DIEP procedure. Since she doesn’t have breast cancer they are doing skin/nipple sparing. Plastics said that she doesn’t have much to give if she does the DIEP and will be smaller than what she is now, currently a small C/full B. She wanted the flap (two kids/baby pooch) for the obvious cosmetic reasons and also to have natural tissue there for a more normal feel/look but it is such an extensive surgery and seems as if it would be more painful being cut from waist to neck basically. She is worried about look and feel if she just does implants and she just won’t feel like a woman. Now since you have had both maybe you could shed some light. Aside from the complications you had post surgery how was the expander n implants vs the flap in pain and recovery? Also, do you have implants now in conjunction with your flap? My wife is 33, 5′-8″, 160lbs now which is up a little from her normal of 145-150. Not sure how tall you are so wasn’t sure if you had enough for all of new tissue from the flap donor tissue. Doc said she would be smaller and I know she doesn’t want that. He said he can go back in and do implants as well to make up the size. I really don’t care what size she is as long as I have her by my side and she is healthy. I am kinda against the flap because of the extra procedure required to relocate the tissue I think will be a harder recovery, but after she showed me your blog video I am also concerned about muscle issues. She loves to swim and do triathlons and I don’t want that to be affected. We are just lost on what to do. Thanks again for sharing your journey. I plan on checking out the earlier blog post to learn more.


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